The Wedding Ringer – Film Review

A persistent whiff of sexism sinks this patchy comedy bromance starring Kevin Hart and Josh Gad

In this comedy bromance, businessman Jimmy (Kevin Hart) runs The Best Man Inc, a company providing best man services for “losers with no friends”. Doug, a lonely lawyer (Josh Gad), is advised to hire him by a colleague. Jimmy assembles seven more groomsmen – one of whom is an escaped convict – and Doug marries his spoilt fiancée Gretchen (The Big Bang Theory‘s Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting). The ceremony is lavish, and there are some amusing set pieces – Gretchen’s grandmother is set on fire at the pre-wedding brunch – but a persistent whiff of sexism sinks the patchy script. “Weddings are for women,” the unbearably slick Jimmy tells Doug in an early scene; an unsavoury view that this mediocre effort maintains right until the end.

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