Kill The Messenger – Film Review

Powerful drama based on the true story of a journalist who uncovered CIA involvement in drug trafficking

In this drama – based on a true story and directed by Homeland producer Michael Cuesta – Jeremy Renner (The Avengers) plays Californian newspaper journalist Gary Webb, who in 1996 uncovered CIA involvement in drug trafficking. Based on Dark Alliance, Webb’s 1998 book, and Nick Schou’s 2004 novel Kill The Messenger, the film details the tragic events that occurred after Webb’s reports were discredited and he left his job to pursue his investigation. There are odd cheesy moments – in one scene Webb cranks up The Clash’s ‘Know Your Rights’ as he types – but Renner is arresting, and Michael Sheen (Frost/Nixon) executes his cameo as a lawyer with aplomb. Overall, this is an emotional, powerful retelling of Webb’s story.

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