‘Sausage Party’ Movie Review

A deeply weird and very funny animation from the twisted minds of Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and Jonah Hill

There are several things in Sausage Party, the deeply weird and very funny new animation from the twisted minds of Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and Jonah Hill, that can almost certainly claim to be cinematic firsts. A beetroot being publicly fellated. Baked-good anilingus. A lesbian taco eyeing-up a hotdog bun’s buns. And that’s not even giving away some of the most oddly shocking sights, because you’ve got to retain a little mystery, haven’t you?

This really is the sort of film where you spend enormous stretches of it, mouth agape, wondering how it got made. Yet you’d have to be very prudish not to be glad that it was. It mostly takes place in a supermarket, where sentient groceries dream of the day they will be selected by the “gods” (humans) and taken to The Great Beyond, where they will be liberated from their packages and allowed as much sex as they want – it’s not entirely clear why all food is so horny, but there’s too much else to unpack here to dwell on it. Moments before crossing to The Great Beyond, a sausage, Frank (Rogen), his bun girlfriend Brenda (Wiig) and a few other foodstuffs, are knocked out of their shopping trolley, perhaps dooming their chances of enjoying the afterlife. As they search for a way back, they learn that the truth about what humans do to food is altogether less cheerful and sexy.

If that all sounds bizarre then you wait for what follows. Not to suggest that everyone was on drugs when writing this film – although it is full of drug references – but the plotting has the random twists and illogical reasoning of minds that are somewhat… artificially freed. It could have been disastrously indulgent, a private joke given a budget, but it’s so creative in its depravity that it’s hilarious. There’s a sort of brilliance in how silly it is. There’s a smooth flow to its nonsense. There’s an attempt to weave in some religious-relations social commentary, but it’s pretty perfunctory. There’s no nutrition here, just the delicious sugar rush of really great junk good. And who doesn’t love that?