Album review: Vitalic – ‘Flashmob’

Less chic and more bleak from the masters of disco

It’s been four years since the French electro maestro escorted us into the dirty, dark depths of some intimidatingly chic European discotheque. And not much has changed since then. The title track hangs heavy with a claustrophobic beat; ‘Terminateur Benelux’ feels like being glassed with a disco ball as the spiralling synths spin around a stampede of cowbells; the whirring buzz of ‘See The Sea (Red)’ is like being taken out dirty dancing then politely ushered home. In truth, the majority of this largely monotonous second outing becomes a one-size-fits-all affair, and you’re left digging around in this hallucinogenic haze for a new high. Sadly, it’s the sexy-by-numbers ‘Poison Lips’ that sets the standard here.

Kate Allen

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