Album Review: We Were Promised Jetpacks – ‘In The Pit Of The Stomach’

Ppunchy, literate guitar music

While 2009’s debut ‘These Four Walls’ was a brilliant attempt at thoughtful-yet-turbulent rock, it was too restrained for the tracks to be the fist-pumpers they could have been, probably a result of the Edinburgh group’s rushed recording process. This time around, however, they’ve paced themselves and delivered an album packed with punchy, literate guitar music. Most surprising of all is the gargantuan ‘Hard To Remember’, which ups the noise to [a]Mogwai[/a] levels (ie very fucking loud). But they still possess a knack for a clever melody, and lead single ‘Medicine’ has a spoonful of tuneage. It’ll definitely drive your paw skyward.

Jamie Crossan

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