Album Review: Wilco – ‘The Whole Love’

Weirdness gallops across this pick’n’mix bag of an album

As radio-friendly album openers go, ‘Art Of Almost‘, which kicks off Chicago stalwarts [a]Wilco[/a]’s eighth studio effort, would probably rate pretty low on the Fearne Cotton-approved Indie That Won’t Confuse Your Mum Index. While the album makes for an extended pitch into the inner realms of orchestral gravel groove, freak fuzz and krautrock, frontman Jeff Tweedy and lead guitarist Nels Cline’s swim through such possibly perilous experimental waters still manages to be decidedly melodic. Weirdness far from gallops across the dozen songs that make up the pick’n’mix bag of ‘The Whole Love‘ though, as the straight up alt.pop of ‘I Might’ testifies, coming across something like a breezy [a]Weezer[/a] packing PhDs and lime-topped Coronas. Lilting love songs with [a]The Beach Boys[/a] bounce (‘Dawned On Me’), 12-minute long intimate campfire sagas (‘One Sunday Morning’) and heartening cosmic country (‘Whole Love’) complete an album that might be all over the shop, but one that’s much more interesting because of it.

Leonie Cooper

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