Album review: Wildbirds & Peacedrums

The Snake

Gothenburg’s finest drum’n’voice duo set the bar pretty high with their critically-bummed debut ‘Heartcore’, but according to the blurb surrounding this follow-up they’re feeling no pressure. In fact Mariam Wallentin (the wild bird) and husband Andreas Werliin (he of the peace drums) talk of “intuition”, their zodiac signs and “deconstructing their roles” as impetus for ‘The Snake’. Music theory waffle/spiritual musings aside, this sees the pair expand their austere template with new instruments and ideas to great effect. While the likes of ‘Places’ stay true to the stripped-back sound of old, everything from kalimbas to autoharps and steel drums drag the W&P sound into territories unknown. And when the guzheng starts up, it all kicks off.

Tim Chester

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