Album Review: Raekwon – Shaolin VS Wu-Tang (ICEH2O/EMI)

From one extreme to the other with this cringe worthy attempt at old school revival

So, you’re a founding member of the legendary hip-hip combo [a]Wu-Tang Clan[/a]. And your fans are extremely pissed because you went and done a track with that [a]Justin Bieber[/a].

So you decide to kick it old school, and you get in your old pals Ghostface and Rick Ross and Busta and [a]Method Man[/a]. And hey, [a]Estelle[/a]’s a fan, so why don’t you put her on the track ‘Chop Chop Ninja’? And, tell you what, we’ll use samples from westerns – like the hammy ‘Snake Pond’!

There’d better be a track to please the manager, let’s use the box-ticking ‘Rock N Roll’, complete with Auto-Tune and [a]Pendulum[/a]-esque breakdown. And let’s end the album chanting “Wu-Tang” to fade! That’ll show ’em!

Ailbhe Malone


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