Yoko Ono: Yes, I’m A Witch

The Plastic Ono Band’s Macca gets reworked

It’s fair to assume that the prospect of a new Yoko album doesn’t fill you with joy. The last record she had any involvement with was ‘Love’ – the horrible meeting point between The Beatles, ‘We Will Rock You’ and a Jive Bunny Megamix. This time, though, she’s surrounded herself with the kind of credibility that none of The Beatles team have had since ‘The Long And Winding Road’ and allowed them to remix her songs. Peaches turns up on the electronica of ‘Kiss Kiss Kiss’ and Cat

Power duets touchingly on ‘Revelations’. Le Tigre, The Blood Brothers and even Jason Pierce are here, too. Yoko’s vocals veer from innocence to decadence, if not stamping herself across the record, then at least complementing her collaborators charmingly. An oddball pleasure.

Alex Miller