Young Magic – ‘Melt’

A wonderfully chaotic debut album

New Zealand’s The Ruby Suns did the whole everything-plus-the-kitchen-sink tropical-pop thing before most of Brooklyn. And if not before, then they certainly did it better. In lieu of anything new from them, this debut by their kindred spirits (two Australians and an Indonesian) will do nicely.

If possible, [a]Young Magic[/a] are even more dizzyingly chaotic. They melt and warp and distort their ritual percussion, global melodies and swirl of ghostly harmonies into the kind of synapse-frying charge that’s legendary in places like LA lo-fi hangout The Smell, while their Brainfeeder bleeps and beats cast a skittering shadow over this slippery psych-pop.

[i]Chris Parkin[/i]



  • Record label: Carpark Records
  • Release date: 20 Feb, 2012