Album review: Yppah – ‘They Know What Ghost Know’

Low-key, blissful hip-hop

Yppah is Happy backwards, but that doesn’t mean this second set from faux-turntablist Joe Morrales Jr is a maudlin affair. It’s more of an enchanted castle somewhere between the two; the kind of blissful ambience Lemon Jelly used to do, zonked out on sedatives and drenched in feedback. Shoegazing instrumental hip-hop might sound like it belongs back in the ’90s, but Morrales sprinkles his tracks with a wide range of fairy dust. ‘Gumball Machine Weekend’ sees bossa nova flourishes and twinkly glockenspiels fight their way through the fog, while ‘City Glow’ employs crashing guitars that recall My Bloody Valentine trapped in The Magic Roundabout’s fantasy world. The time may be right for a new DJ Shadow after all.

Dan Martin

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