Zulu Winter – ‘Stutter’

Former next big things step out of the shadows with final offcuts compilation

The world is speeding up. If you don’t believe it, just take a look at Zulu Winter’s career trajectory. Formed in 2011, they became ‘next big things’, released one album, toured with Keane and then unceremoniously split when their slick, emotional indie was met with an insouciant shrug. It’s a cruel world, but the band have raided their hard-drives to produce one final hurrah for those interested, compiling a 10-track EP of offcuts and fan-only offal. To be fair, it’s glossy and cohesive for an outtakes record, but aside from the subtle, groove-laden title track, nothing here really competes for your attention. Now is the winter of their discontent.

Jeremy Allen

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