Sam Wise – ‘Sorry You Were Saying (SYWS)’ review: the House of Pharaohs rapper exerts his eclectic talent

Standing apart from his talented bandmates, Sam Wise goes solo, proving his ability to mix and match diverse sounds

Being a part of the cult collective House of Pharaohs has been good for Sam Wise. Selling out headline shows and featuring on Frank Ocean‘s Blonded Radio, the group have stacked up incredible achievements.

But it’s time for Sam Wise to venture out on his own. With features from many big names, such as JME and Octavian, the eclectic south London rapper has now released his debut record, ‘Sorry You Were Saying (SYWS)’. It’s proof that UK rap is neither boring nor repetitive; Wise keeps us on our toes through this feature-length mixtape.

The Kennington native lets us know just how south London he is on ‘Follow the Leader’, for which he ropes in fellow Kennington rapper Blanco. Utilising their imaginative wordplay, they place atypical rhymes atop a reverent beat. Holding onto his tongue-in-cheek humour, Wise maintains his cheeky persona: “She said I smell sensational / Haven’t even sprayed this oud”. ‘Follow the Leader’ is an unexpected turn from Wise, who isn’t known for drill songs, but you clearly can’t restrict this genre-bending rapper to one sound. Creating a blend of inspired US trap-style music with British rap sounds, he crafts a unique sonic experience.


‘Yeye / 9er’ is another fine example of his versatility. Produced by London’s HoneyWoodSix, Wise’s auto-tuned, speedy verses skate over ‘Yeye”s melancholic beat, gear-shifting to a zooming instrumental for ‘9er’. Still rapping in his south London twang, Wise creates a trappy song true to the UK style, tapping into a special sound only he can.

Full of cocky bars, ‘Yeye / 9er’ shows his boastful side. Then, on the Kadiata-produced ‘Loophole’, Wise shows off his more loving and soulful side, singing, “Shoulda told you how I feel that night / But I was kinda shy”. With the aid of Master Peace, the duo croon over an ethereal beat, forging a new lane of UK rap / soul.

Whether he’s showing off his vocals on the lucrative ‘Addictive’ or delivering trailblazing raps on trappy tracks such as ‘Dressed It’, Wise has shown that he isn’t an average UK artist. Able to dabble between genres, he keeps his sound refreshing, catering for all tastes.


This innovative mixtape proves that Sam Wise is one to watch. With his fresh take on UK music, he’s 10 steps ahead of his peers. He and his HOP boys will surely take over the scene.



  • Release date: 22nd November 2019
  • Record label: Sam Wise

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