Destiny’s Child – ‘Say My Name’ track review

One of the best tracks off their brilliant 'The Writings On The Wall' album...

Paranoid? Over zealous? Demanding? Guys, after listening to this – “say my name/when no-one is around you/say baby I love you/that you ain’t runnin’ game” – that’s exactly how you’ll view Destiny’s Child. This single’s modus operandi is that guys must not wait until they’re on their own, away from their crew and, presumably, other girls, before extolling affection. Say your boo’s name loud and proud when she rings you so that everyone knows you’re together – don’t make like R Kelly and keep it on the down-low!

On the surface, this record and its concerns could sound trivial to guys who come from the ‘what does it matter what other people think, as long as we’re together, now come ‘ere and gimme a kiss!’ school of thought. But when you’re a teen (as the delectable Destiny’s are), it’s the foundation of dating: how your man, his friends, his parents, his siblings and other chicks see you; whether they acknowledge you, and therein your shared relationship.

This stuff matters, and it’s for that reason that ‘Say My Name’ isn’t a pedantic, nagging anthem, but a true reflection of adolescent concern. What’s additionally attractive, however, is the beat, Beyonce’s stuttering vocal delivery and the contrasting cooing from the rest of the girls (two of whom have just been sacked – check out the new ones in the plush video). Nagging has never sounded so sweet.