Sigrid live in Kingston: a feel-good pop party and a short and sweet album celebration

New Slang, Kingston, 11/4/2019

Sigrid has released a steady flow of singles over the past two years, but still leaves us craving more of her feel-good pop bangers. This year, the 22-year-old finally released her debut album ‘Sucker Punch’, and she is living for the celebrations. The singer posted a picture of a one-month birthday cake for her album on Instagram, and has a tour lined up ahead of her to show off her absolute pride and joy of her very first album.

Since winning the BBC Music Sound in 2018 she’s mastered the perfect balance of thriving in the mainstream, usually having a song in the charts and bagging a slot at most major summer festivals, but still keeping the ‘girl next door vibe’. She’s the kind of artist you know you’d just love to hang out with because she’s relatable and down to earth. She’s soared from musical prodigy to pop princess in an incredibly short amount of  time, keeping it no secret that she’s absolutely loving every second.

She’s had no problem selling out shows at Somerset House and Brixton Academy, and it won’t be long before she’s taking on the Eventim Apollo in December for her 2019-20 tour. But for one night only she descended on to Pryzm nightclub in Kingston for ‘New Slang’ club night hosted by Banquet Records to perform an intimate showcase of her debut album one month after its release.

Not many people could bounce onto stage and own such a simple looks of jeans, white t-shirt and a ponytail, but Sigrid’s USP is  ‘authenticism’.  She throws her entire body into every song, showcasing the ‘dance like nobody’s watching’ spirit, hitting melodies hard and air punching every thumping beat.

Performing for an under-18 audience just a couple hours earlier, she returns entirely fresh for a club-night party kicked off with some of her biggest album hits. The Norwegian artist shows us what it truly looks like to love every second of what you do, dancing with a beaming smile across her face from start to finish. She’s managed to distract the crowd from the sticky carpets and stale scent of beer in the teen nightclub, making us feel like we’re at an epic house party – adults and teens alike clamour onto tables and booths. It’s clear that this is an artist who transcends generations, and while she’s earned a dedicated fandom, they certainly don’t exist within one age bracket.

Opening with ‘Sucker Punch’ the singer commands fans immediately through an explosive start, loaning what feels like massive production values to an otherwise modest set-up. She quickly brings things back down, slinking into ‘In Vain’, a track that shows off her signature versatility, allowing her to jump between ballads to stripped-back raspy vocals.

She moves on to the track that put her on the map. “This one’s about trusting yourself,” she says. It’s a track that captures the zeitgeist of the ‘Thank You, Next’ – in which we’re ready to reject toxicity, bad vibes and quit playing the nice guy.

She brings things down again with the phone-waving track ‘Dynamite’, giving the band a subtle arm pump to show her absolute delight that the crowd took over the vocals from her, knowing every single lyric. She has an effortless ability to bring the mood up and down repeatedly without losing the electric atmosphere, giving her live shows a perfect balance of light and dark. She jumps back in with ‘Never Mine’, before prepping for the big finale, though surprisingly leaving out album highlights such as ‘Business Dinners’ and ‘Sight of You’.

She tells the crowd this will be the last time they play the next song before they take a well-deserved break. Before ‘Strangers’, she tests the waters, seeing if the audience know it first, and belts out the verse before the audience take over on the chorus. She smiles and nods her head confidently before the band jump in. The live build-up to the techno-dance chorus of ‘Strangers’ is just irresistible – and Sigrid knows it. She’s jumping down onto the barrier and back onto the stage, and has everyone completed enticed by the addictive rise and fall of the verses and synthy bass of the chorus. It’s an undeniable highlight.

Before thanking her band, she departs with the current chart-favourite ‘Don’t Feel Like Crying’, a reminder to the audience of her pop-positivity and insistence that you stand up tall, enjoy life and never anyone kill your vibe.

Sigrid played:

‘Sucker Punch’

‘In Vain’

‘Mine Right Now’

‘High Five’

‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’


‘Never Mine’


‘Don’t Feel Like Crying’