Cardi B’s team-up with Megan Thee Stallion is a truly filthy return

After a brief hiatus, Cardi has lost none of her candour on 'WAP'

Considering there’s not been a solo single in over a year, and her ‘Invasion of Privacy’ arena-tour wrapped up in September, Cardi B might have had some catching up to do if she wasn’t such an electric personality. Rarely able to stay out of the limelight, during her hiatus she kept her relevance and relatability with funny clapbacks and rants on her Instagram like she did pre-fame.

Beyond the social media persona, her explicit nature in both song and visual form tapped in to every girl’s freakiness – crucial to her rise. ‘WAP’ is another example of what made her a star, proudly recanting all the nastiness she wants in the bedroom. To do it fully justice, she reverts back to the slightly slower flow heard on her ‘Gangster Bitch Music’ mixtapes. A welcome change of pace.

Her second verse is the nastiest of them all. Likely describing her husband, Migos’ Offset, she lists everything she wants in a man and when she flips the script and ups the ante, it is truly Cardi B in her element: “He got a beard, well, I’m tryna wet it / I let him taste it, now he diabetic”.

She brought a friend along, too. Knowing that when it comes to the freaky talk, Megan Thee Stallion is currently the it girl – the pair trade pure filth. On her first verse, Megan sets the bar: “I tell him where to put it, never tell him where I’m ’bout to be / I run down on him ‘fore I have a n**** runnin’ me”. Megan’s ridiculous delivery and tongue-in-cheek, usually blows other talent out the water, but here the pair go toe-to-toe.

When you reach the heights of Cardi B, new names like Megan Thee Stallion are often on her tail. But with the level of candour on ‘WAP’ a bit of time off – and friendly competition – might have just reinvigorated her more.

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