Future and Drake leave us wanting more after reuniting on the celebratory ‘Life Is Good’

The 'What a Time to Be Alive' pair start the new decade right by resuming their fruitful partnership

Unsurprising as it may be to learn about the wellbeing of two of the world’s foremost rap superstars, but life is pretty good for both Drake and Future right now.

Having individually dominated much of the 2010s as two of the biggest names in hip-hop — as well as a joint stint together in 2015 when they joined forces for ‘What a Time to Be Alive’ — the promise and potential of a new decade is likely to be fertile ground for the pair to yield even more swaggering success.

Future’s first stride into 2020 has seen him once again making use of his Drake speed-dial for the celebratory ‘Life Is Good’, giving the Toronto rapper his very own section on this smoky two-part track as they toast their respective successes and stick two fingers up to their detractors.


Say my days are numbered, but I keep wakin’ up,” Drake slickly offers in riposte to those who have written off his chart-bothering charm, before shouting out the luxury London hotel Rosewood for putting him up in their swankiest suite. “This shit too plush,” he observes in his TripAdvisor worthy review — it’s alright for some…


Drake’s brashness continues as he declares “haven’t done my taxes, I’m too turnt up” in an excuse that we don’t think HMRC will accept as a valid reason for not filing his self-assessment. There’s also time for a quick swipe at his rap rivals with the line “n****s gotta move off my release day, huh?” — which may or may not be a dig (read: almost certainly is) at Kanye West, Pusha T and the GOOD Music collective, given Drake’s claim that Ye’s Wyoming Sessions moved its entire release schedule to avoid conflicting with the arrival of his fifth solo album ‘Scorpion’. Spicy!

Future then sleepily steps in as the music is cut, musing: “It’s cool, man, got red bottoms [shoes] on… Life is good, you know what I mean?” No doubt it is. When you’ve come up from being “in the trap serving cocaine” to being able to afford to spend $100,000 “on the cheapest ring,” things must be going pretty well.

Future’s tried-and-tested Auto-Tune delivery on ‘Life Is Good’ is a familiar prospect for anyone who’s dipped in and out of his impressive streak of seven album releases in seven years (last January’s formulaic ‘The Wizrd’ being the most recent). But his very Future-istic bars here about pills, guns and, er, fettuccine don’t exactly blast out of your headphones or bring anything new to the party. The track eludes your attention span the longer Future’s section goes on.


It’s a shame that Future opted to separate his part of the track from Drake’s. If they’d interacted and gone verse-for-verse, pitching their respective vocal styles against one another (like on ‘Jumpman’, ‘Digital Dash’ or ‘Live From The Gutter’) it would’ve made for a far more engaging listen.

While the resumption of Drake and Future’s fruitful partnership is certainly A Good Thing, fans of the pair shouldn’t get too excited about the prospect of a follow-up to ‘What a Time to Be Alive’ emerging any time soon, especially as Future confirmed this week that Drake’s guest feature on ‘Life Is Good’ is just that — a one-off guest spot. That nagging feeling that something is missing on ‘Life Is Good’ could be forgiven if we knew that this was the first serving from another full-length project. Then life would really be good.