Grimes’ ‘So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth’ is an otherworldly meander through the galaxy

The latest taste of 'Miss Anthropocene' is heavier and denser, but still weirdly beautiful

The story around Grimes’ fifth album ‘Miss Anthropocene’ has already been something of a saga and the record isn’t even released for another three months. It’s only been four years since the release of her last LP, ‘Art Angels’, which isn’t that long if you think back to a time not long ago when the internet hadn’t turned us all into impatient drones demanding new content the second we get bored of our last fix. But in that time Grimes has been embroiled in drama with her label, tweeting (and then deleting) messages of frustration until she finally announced ‘Miss Anthropocene’ back in March.

In September, she shared the first track from the upcoming album in ‘Violence’ and today (November 15) we got the second taste of what’s to come. ‘So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth’ is from the same world as its predecessor, filled with vocals manipulated to sound like they’re suspended in space, comets passing by as Grimes sings. But where ‘Violence’ thumped and throbbed like an intergalactic rave anthem, this new track takes a more meandering approach. It drifts through its six-minute runtime like a slow-motion fall through the cosmos, at once weightless and weighed down.


The whole thing is pretty dense, whether you’re listening to the ‘Art Mix’ or ‘Algorithm Mix’ (the latter is abridged by approximately two minutes). Its steady beats feel like bricks being slapped down and heaved back up, while thick layers of bass build murky clouds around Grimes’ dangling voice.

Subject-wise, the self-proclaimed “Chief Ethereal Officer” seems to feel burdened by romance. “Oh, silly love/Coming here/When I said go,” she sighs in her pixie whisper at the start, while the chorus reveals the force behind her fall through her home planet. “So heavy I fell through the Earth,” she sings, “Cos I’m full of love for you.”

Previously, Grimes told fans ‘Miss Anthropocene’ would be an album of “ethereal nu-metal”. That’s a pretty apt descriptor for ‘So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth’ – a track that’s as dark and gloomy as it is gossamer and celestial, and comes backed with a visualiser video featuring a sword fight with a dragon, miles above a red-bathed Earth. Over the last decade, Grimes has made the weird and weirdly beautiful the core of her work – from the sounds of this, she’ll enter the next 10 years refining that sound.


  • Track Title: So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth
  • Artist: Grimes

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