Megan Thee Stallion’s new song ‘Girls In The Hood’ is a summery Cali anthem with a classic ’90s twist

The Houston Hottie strikes again, mixing a West Coast classic just in time for another Hot Girl Summer

Sampling Compton idol Eazy E’s ‘Boyz N Da Hood’, Megan Thee Stallion proves she’s a real GWA on ‘Girls In The Hood’. Megan has done the West Coast proud with this song. Harking on the same rebellious tone as the defiant NWA, Megan raps about her classic Hot Girl ways with this ‘90s throwback summer track.

Getting us through the seasons with her signature pimp-like demeanour she calls Tina Snow, it’s now time for Megan to remind all her Hot Girls that their summer is (finally!) near. With the sample reminding you of the brutal Californian heat, she reiterates to the world (in case you forgot) what it entails to the biggest hot girl of them all in the chorus: “I’m a hot girl, I do hot shit / Spend his income on my outfit / I don’t text quick ’cause I ain’t thirsty”.

Still on the mission to empower women by being sexually liberated as well as being outspoken about female independence, ‘Girls In The Hood’ fits in with her Tina Snow persona perfectly. The larger-than-life braggadocio is what we all love Megan for, and it’s in abundance on this single.


But when Megan doesn’t have this supercilious facade on, she can be super relatable too. Already a hit with the fans, her line referencing the super-popular Japanese franchise Naruto has now won over every listener who got it: “P**** like a Wild Fox, lookin’ for a Sasuke”. She reveals, “I got a man if I don’t like who askin’” – we’ve all been there – and pairs this brush-off with her inimitable, unwavering self-pride: “Don’t stand outside ’cause I’m too outstandin’,”

Still showing off her cocksure attitude we all love, Megan Thee Stallion has put out another banger for her hotties. And as the temperature and partying increases, Megan is gearing you up for those late drunken nights still to come. Two-stepping and screaming along to this brazen track, you’re bound to start your Hot Girl summer off right with ‘Girls In The Hood’.

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