2:54 – ‘Got A Hold’

2:54 - 'Got A Hold'

Wild Beasts' favourite new band

The good news is that The Big Pink are back and they’re heading out on tour soon. The better news is that they’ve got London sister-duo 2:54 supporting them. Similarly airy and hauntingly beautiful, they’ll fit rather perfectly into the line-up.

So if you’re planning on heading down to one of The Big Pink’s shows, here’s taster of what you can expect if you show up early (which you should). You can also catch 2:54 playing a hedline show London’s Corsica Studios on Nov 9th.

They’ve already caught the attention of the musical world, with Wild Beasts’ Hayden Thorpe telling NME:

[quote]They’re really quite special. They’re effortless, and that can’t be faked. There‚Äôs a grace and elegance alongside their brutality, like striking a knife at something and revealing a flower.[/quote]

We’ve got the exclusive first listen to 2:54’s song ‘Got A Hold’ (recorded with Rob Ellis), which is one of the B-sides from their new ‘Scarlet’ EP.

2:54 – Got A Hold by 2:54 Band