Arcade Fire: Age Of Consent

Glum wake-lovers cover Barney's crew

Luckily for Arcade Fire the New Goth Future has finally become the present, with well-known Dark Lord worshippers like My Chemical Romance and, er, Posh Spice making a stand against sun and exclamation marks. Following a belipsticked version of The Cure’s ‘Boys Don’t Cry’, and a cutesy take on Talking Heads’ ‘Naïve Melody’ the Fire go for New Order, at a time when they were deciding whether to embrace the new synth revolution with their budget Commodore 64s or sit home with their Emily The Strange notebook and pen sets and write bad poetry that rhymed ‘suicide’ and ‘the river Clyde’. With their typical flourish, they make the song their own: beautiful, mournful and totally believable as Win weeps the “I lost you” refrain. Roll on ‘Funeral 2: Back In The Casket’.