Beady Eye – ‘Flick Of The Finger’

Beady Eye - 'Flick Of The Finger'

A call to arms that confirms Liam was born to lead

Let’s get something straight: there’s not a single human being this side of the Statue of Liberty who isn’t interested in what Liam Gallagher’s doing. Whether he’s running around Hampstead Heath (every morning at 6am), christening his cat (“Lazy Our Kid”) or standing outside a Soho pub holding three bottles of Champagne (as seen in a recent tabloid story), you will look. Don’t deny it. You’ll definitely listen to at least 30 seconds of ‘Flick Of The Finger’, the trippy first taster from Beady Eye’s forthcoming album, ‘BE’ – so named because it’s the acronym of Beady Eye, but presumably also because it’s the verb for human existence. Mega. Being curious about Liam is just a fact of life. He’s described ‘BE’ as “fucking lairy cosmic”. Well, if he’d scored Star Wars, ‘Flick Of The Finger’ would be his ‘Imperial Death March’. A brass band takes us on a journey through Liam’s mind as he first wakes up “with the moon and the room on the wrong side“, then swaggers off towards the future. If you were going to follow any man into the unknown it’d be him. His call-to-arms here (“It’s ahhhhhnnnn“) confirms that he was born to lead. Let’s not be daft and credit producer Dave Sitek for this. You can’t hear Sitek. You wouldn’t hear Krakatoa erupt over the sound of Liam’s bravado. Anyway, is ‘Flick Of The Finger’ any good? Yeah. So, up yours.

Eve Barlow, Deputy Editor