Bloc Party: Banquet (The Streets Remix)

We are not making this up

This is Mike Skinner rapping an apology to Jo Whiley over a bootleg of ‘Banquet’ by Bloc Party. Mike’s had a stomach ulcer and a broken heart. He even went out with a celebrity but luckily no-one found out. He’s telling Jo Whiley this, not us, but we get to eavesdrop. See, on Friday, September 13, 2003, he went on Jo’s show on Radio 1 and stole a microphone ’cos he was skint back then, but he used it on the albums that made him his fortune. And now he’s apologising by rapping over the opening loops of ‘Banquet’ with loads of ace clattering drums and swooshes of grime all over it. As a cheeky hello from Skinner in between Streets albums, and a reminder of a more innocent time when we all used to like Bloc Party without prejudice, this will make you grin more than any tune you’ll hear all week.