Cajun Dance Party

The Next Untouchable

The latest UK underground sensation, many of you guys have been writing to the Radar desk about them since their fourth gig early last year in the function room of Brentford football stadium. And there’s a whole host of reasons why this – the debut single proper from the highly touted north London teens – is worth getting excited about. For one thing, it’s a brilliant, cranium-squatting tune, the kind of thing you’d imagine a young Morrissey would write if he’d had the same access to MySpace as he did the work of Keats and Yeats. While, in guitarist Robbie Stern, they’ve got a six-stringer obviously in thrall to Moz’s foil Johnny Marr, capable of repeating that trick where a guitar sounds like a spaceship instead of a lump of polished wood. Then there’s singer Daniel Blumberg, casting himself as a young, dewy-throated Damon Albarn, and the fact that, as an initital statement of intent, the song itself is an absolute blinder – like early REM, played by Teardrop Explodes, on sweets. Yet what’s more exciting of all, is the possiblity there’s another great band, playing their fourth gig, perhaps in the function room of Doncaster Rovers football stadium, that you’re moments away from writing to us about.

All we’re saying is, what’s exciting about Cajun Dance Party is exactly what is, and always has been, exciting about new music. It just keeps on coming.