Chet Faker – ‘Thinking In Textures’

Chet Faker - 'Thinking In Textures'

As sexy as a rusty speculum

The lead track from the ‘Thinking In Textures’ EP, which, as any interior designer will tell you, is excellent advice. Colour? Pah. Chet knows texture’s where it’s at: there’s roomy velveteen luxury in his arch ’90s R&B. Too bad, then, that he’s a terrible lyricist. You’re not rivalling Ginuwine’s ‘Pony’ by crooning “[i]It’s not the honey/She’s on her knees/Naked in the bedroom/Whoa[/i]”. Whoa indeed. As sexy as a rusty speculum.

[i]Gavin Haynes[/i]


Record label: Chess Club
Release date: 26 Mar, 2012