Eminem: When I’m Gone

Eminem: When I'm Gone

Goodbye mushroom trips, hello guilty trips

Wherein Marshall Mathers takes a break from gorging himself on prescription medication to drop another bit of twisted science for all the fucked-up children of the world. The violin-laden ‘When I’m Gone’ finds Em torn between fans, family, and tearing shreds off himself, culminating in a showdown with daughter Hailie and passenger jets plummeting from the sky. Far from a Greatest Hits highlight, but in a career that could have ended in Cobain-esque suicide or even a rain of bullets, ‘When I’m Gone’ is the sound of Eminem making peace with his career, with his multiple personas, with the Slim Shady whispering sadistically on his shoulder. But is this really the end? Could this really be the great man’s ‘Curtain Call’? Well, what do you think?