Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly: I-Spy/Call Me Ishmael

Download-slaying laptop folktronica

Sam Duckworth (GC, WC, F) recently turned up with an acoustic and a laptop to play at orgy-of-doom-metal festival Download, in the skate bowl. The fact that he wasn’t bottled off with flagons of steaming piss may be down to one of two things: A) during the set a skateboard poser had fallen on his arse and lay immobile in the middle or, more likely, B) it was due to his knack of splicing melodies with electronic beats – a skill exemplified on this debut. “I don’t care that the song has a melody, that the beats are not complex/I’m just trying to make you sing and not be perplexed”, he sings, and who are we to disagree?