Girls – ‘Lawrence’

Girls - 'Lawrence'

A cap-doff to a seriously indie icon

In the space of a couple of years, [a]Girls[/a] seem to have gone from one of the most hyped bands in the world to one of the most underrated – but make no mistake, right now main man Christopher Owens is a songwriter without peer, and well on his way to writing his classic, if new album [b]‘Father, Son, Holy Ghost’[/b] is anything to go by. And while that album was inspired by a desire to emulate the greats – your Lennons, your Youngs – this new one-off single is a cap-doff to a seriously indie icon: namely [b]Lawrence Hayward[/b] of [b]Felt[/b], for whom Christopher holds reverence comparable to [b]Liam Gallagher[/b]’s towards the aforementioned bespectacled [b]Beatles[/b] icon – ie, he really, really digs him.


Well, we say “cap doff”, but it’s more of an “unzip your flies and I’ll happily go at it, if that’s what’d please you” – the composition will be packaged as a heart-shaped vinyl single (out November 28) and has been envisaged as a gift to Lawrence. Christopher was supposedly too scared to add his voice to it as he always imagined the Felt frontman singing over its ‘House Of The Rising Sun’-style guitars, and as such, it’s instrumental bar a few impeccably ghostly “[i]whooos[/i]” and “[i]aahhhhs[/i]”. Thankfully that’s all Christopher really needs to tug on heartstrings with his usual hurricane force.

Jamie Fullerton, Features Editor