10 Tracks You Have To Hear This Week (15/02/10)

10 Tracks You Have To Hear This Week (15/02/10)

Goldfrapp, The Futureheads, Secret Machines

1. Egyptian Hip Hop – ‘Wild Human Child’

Is it inspired by the WB Yeats poem The Stolen Child? We don’t know, but it’s just as magical and dreamy, taking the dissipated, glitchy, fuzzy warmth of the ‘glo-fi’ blog bedroom pop sound of Memory Tapes et al, and adding some actual personality and MGMT-ish pop sparkle.


2. Secret Machines – ‘Like I Can’

More than weathering the departure of younger brother Ben to form School Of Seven Bells with the Deheza sisters, Brandon Curtis’ enigmatic engines return with a remarkable concise, three-minute blast of prog-pop-pomp, surging with ‘Sgt Pepper’s’-ish horns and Josh Garza’s formidable drums.

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3. Goldfrapp – ‘Rocket’

Ever noticed how much Madonna is looking like Alison Goldfrapp these days? Well, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. And after this offering from the electro duo, expect to be hearing her Madgesty taking a musical direction not too dissimilar from this Euro-poptastic singalong.


4. The Futureheads – ‘The Heartbeat Song’

In what seems like aeons since we heard from the best band to come from Sunderland since the demise of Kenickie, The Futureheads return with a post-punk apocalyptic dance number fit for a John Hughes movie. It’s a song so good we want to give it a slobbering kiss on the pecker and take it home to meet our mam.


5. Erykah Badu – ‘Jump In The Air And Stay There’

It’s little secret that Lil Wayne’s latest album ‘Rebirth’ was about as appealing as a game of soggy biscuit with the cast of Hollyoaks. But it seems that Dwayne Michael Carter Jr has redeemed himself on this sleek and rebellious track from the first lady of wayward R&B and defiant soul. The first track to be taken from upcoming album ‘New Amerykah Part II: Return Of The Ankh’ slaps you in the face with Erykah’s declaration “We don’t give a fuck”. Salaciously sexy and empowering.


6. GoldieLocks – ‘Cold Sweat’

Grimy (not in a bad way) goddess GoldieLocks has been knocking out beats and remixes from her native Croydon for a few years now, and this new single sees her collaborating with dubstep man Benga. With an idiosyncratic, wistful, poppy melody redolent of miserable overcast heartbreak, its odd glitchy rhythms and glockenspiel breakdowns are weirdly post-punky, like Electrelane lost in bass.


7. Teeth Of The Sea – ‘Hypnoticon Viva’

There’s only one way you can get away with being so proggy that you include porpoise noises on your songs, and that’s by being heavier than doom in clogs. Londoners TOTS are an immersive experience, high-drama post-rock swathes and furious drums drowning your brain and giving you the fear on their new ‘Hypnoticon’ EP.


8. Operator Please – ‘Logic’

So now that New Young Pony Club don’t really sound like New Young Pony Club any more, everyone’s favourite Aussie strop-poppers are stepping up to the breach – this slinky comeback couldn’t lick ‘Ice Cream’ any harder without giving itself tongue strain. True to Amandah Wilkinson and her gang’s form though, it’s scuzzier than anything NYPC would deign to step their glossy heels in.

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9. Holly Miranda – ‘Waves’

With cult status as good as secured via that Dave Sitek production credit for her debut and excited blogs from Kanye ‘THIS SHIT IS DOPE’ West, Holly Miranda doesn’t really need to bother much. But this girl, a runaway from a bigoted, religious upbringing in Detroit to the antifolk scene in NYC, is made of sterner stuff, and this song aches with smoky, spooky, passion. Her forthcoming debut, ‘The Magician’s Private Library’, is every bit awesome.

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10. Caribou – ‘Odessa’

There’s that time at the end of a party when you know you’ve had too much fun because the world is spinning, you’ve lost all your friends and you feel like a ticking vom-bom. But instead of going home, you’re wondering from room to room because you can hear a sound that builds from the temptation of the gentle jingle of bells, to an alluring tub-thumping loop that consumes your every move as it builds into a tender hug that you can dance to. Suddenly the sick looking up at you from your shoes isn’t such a bad thing after all.