GoodBooks: Leni

How to become a cute Joy Division

Apparently, one of GoodBooks had ‘Columbia Records’ and the date they signed to them tattooed around his wrist the day they signed. So we should probably hope for their sake that this is a relationship that lasts, otherwise his next girlfriend’s going to be proper jealous. And also, because ‘Leni’ is quite one of the cutest things we’ve heard in months, certainly. Rather like Joy Division in pastel colours, this dizzy jetstream of perk-pop certainly doesn’t sound a particularly happy affair, speaking as it does of being left for dead by a ruthless women who you will “love from the grave”. But the softness of the guitar spikes, the Mellotron-ish organ stabs, and the way the singer’s voice cracks on the high notes all make it more lovely than menacing. Aaw.