Graham Coxon: Standing On My Own Again

Ready the dancefloor, Coxo is back

FACKIN’ ’ELLLL! I’d heard the Buzzcocks were back but STONE VER CROWS, GUV’NER! They’re back with bumfluff on their chops, their bollocks bulging with teen-rage super-semen and arteries pumping with speed! GA-DANG-DANGA-DANG-DANG! “Watchin’ til yer aht ov SAGHT!” cocknee-croaks Pete Shelley like he’s just been dumped the instant he hit puberty because he stinks of Germoline, “Standin’ orn mah own a-GEEEEERNN!”. GA-DANG-DANGA-DANG-D… you what? It’s who? The ‘Freakin’ Out’ bloke? Well, further proof then that El Coxo has a firm grip on the tune rope that dragged him out of the no-fi quicksand a couple of years back and that here is a grandmaster of the garage punk genre at the very pinnacle of his mighty game. The dancefloor: see it tremble.