Jamelia: Beware Of The Dog

What’s next, Girls Aloud sampling Joy Division?

What’s going on? First Rihanna revisits Soft Cell’s ‘Tainted Love’ for dancehall smash ‘SOS’ and now the ‘Superstar’ songstress finally gets round to releasing ‘Beware Of The Dog’. Holy smoke. If you thought Sugababes’ Gary Numan mash-up ‘Freak Like Me’ was the last word in spook-pop synthesis, wait until you hear this. A sample of Depeche Mode’s ‘Personal Jesus’ the size of Saturn looms into view. Over the top Jamelia rides in on a foaming chariot of funk, determined to send another sleazy suitor to the Chico-themed bar of Hades. “Stop! You’d better shake him off/Before he gets you!” she hollers in a fem-rock rage that will have even Beth Ditto nodding her approval. Hits don’t come more gilt-edged.