Jarvis: Don’t Let Him Waste Your Time

Magisterial melancholy

Having given us the first ever righteous, non-novelty use of the word ‘cunt’ in pop in 2006 (and how the expletive-friendly fucks among us rejoiced!), 2007 finds El Jarvo returning to more familiar territory of not getting to shag the lass of your dreams while some smarmy, better-looking twat does, despite not even knowing which way up to hold a Wilfred Owen anthology. This geezer sounds like a slimy maggot: “Let him read your palm and guess your sign” hisses Jarv through gum-gritted teeth, while his backing band attempt to sound as sleazy as a full philharmonic orchestra can and we’re back wallowing in the bittersweet bombast of Pulp highlights ‘Have You Seen Her Lately?’ and ‘Underwear’. Flack magic.