Kaiser Chiefs: Modern Way

Umpteenth release from ‘Employment’ still rocks

Ricky’s mutant martian hop, Peanut’s primitive porkpie ivory-plonking, Whitey’s mod-squad riffing… is there a better band in Blighty than the Kaisers? Here they offer a frank account of their ascent to the top, driven solely by naked ambition and a Phd in the Works Of Blur, 1989-94. “Now I’ll stop at nothing/To get what I want” confesses the Rickster, letting us know that glimpse of fame’s gymslip during Parva was enough to fuel the Kaisers’ insane onslaught single-handedly. Meanwhile, his band build a doomy Bunnymen-with-cowbells intro into new levels of bombastic pop pompery. All in all, a three-minute career snapshot to match ‘Popscene’. Sublime.