Kano: Night Night

Kano’s in lurve

The first time NME had the pleasure of speaking to young Kane Robinson, he was talking about hooking up with Mike Skinner on a tune called ‘Long Ting’, all about those girls who give it a bit of eyelash and then bugger off in a cab when you go to buy them a Bacardi Breezer. Come the album, though, and it had morphed into this low-key beauty – a Skinner-produced cut of lover’s grime that, like Cupid with automatic clips, pierces the hoodie and delves all the way to the fluttering heart beneath. Although Skinner’s first up, spilling his heart about girls he’s loved and lost in heartbreaking and typically funny fashion, Kano is far from upstaged here – his unhurried, rabbity flow cutting the deepest, screwface insouciance audibly melting in a cosy duvet of loved-up romance fantasies. What could be slush, mind, stays firm thanks to our man Kane’s ever-sharp wits. “I bought her favourite shoes” he offers, “Well they’d better be”. Nice one bruv.