Kasabian: Shoot The Runner

Dame Kelly Holmes is in hiding

Thankfully, ‘Shoot The Runner’ is a title unlikely to crossover into the yoof vernacular in quite the manner that ‘Empire’ did. It starts with some ‘Stand & Deliver!’ drum-taps, which is apt, seeing as Kasabian have always been about pointless Adam And The Ants-style rebellion, whether they know it or not. But that’s no reason to ignore the animal pleasures found in their music. ‘Shoot The Runner’ is what we’d probably get if somebody had forced Bobby Gillespie to live in a cave for a year – an earthier take on indie-dance, completely at odds with new rave’s pink-shirted Gameboy-jockeys. In the (made-up) words of Serge Pizzorno: “You say you want a revolution mate? Yeah, empire – lemme finish rolling this first.”