Katy Perry – ‘Part Of Me’

Katy Perry - 'Part Of Me'


Katy Perry's post-break up track

Sorry, but I’m not buying it.

In a world of celebrity couples who are ‘Lost In Showbiz’, Katy Perry and Russell Brand had to be top of the list. Two cartoon characters who found love in the reflected mirror of each other’s arms, every detail of their lives was splashed over the papers. Then they broke up. But with enough “he said, she said” mud-slinging from their respective “people” to make you suspect the whole thing was a strange Truman Show-style postmodern gag about modern celebrity. This didn’t feel like the the end of two peoples marriage, it felt like the dissolution of a super massive conglomerate partnership, bound together by shareholders’ billions.

Post break-up, what’s the woman who has spent much of her career fannying about with cupcakes and sweets got to say about the split?

Well after signing her divorce with a smiley face (gag), we then got some commentary from “sources” about how “she’s a very accomplished guitar player,” making the link between her broken heart and the fact she’s going to write some songs about it. Because she writes her own songs, you know. On her guitar. Which she can play in a very accomplished way, thankyouverymuch (double gag).

And now we have the sub-Guetta nonsense of ‘Part Of Me’, which bookends her desperate ‘Teenage Dream’ re-release/re-package campaign. “This is the part of me, that you’re never going to take away from me,” she sings in that strange angry robot voice of hers, as the beat suggests someone pressed the ‘Calvin Harris Demo’ button on the keyboard. The sentiment, as ever, is punch-you-in-the-face clear and probably did, at some point, have some personal meaning before 17 writers, 12 focus groups and 2 M.D’s got their hands on it. As it stands, it’s another de-humanised slab of radio pop from Perry INC.

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Record label: Capitol
Release date: 20 Feb, 2012