Klaxons: Gravity’s Rainbow

Rave funksters' dancefloor anthem

For all those who felt Klaxons’ much-talked-about rave allegiances were about as appealing as a poke in the eye with a glowstick, don’t worry. Yes they have in their ranks someone called, ahem, ‘Captain Strobe’. Yes, they sing about “travelling to infinity”. But they’ve left the cheek-chewing channelling to their cover of Shut Up And Dance’s ‘The Bouncer’ on the B-side. Instead, ‘Gravity’s Rainbow’ is a giddy disco/punk hybrid of epic proportions. Capturing The Rapture’s oozing vocals, !!!’s grooviness, DFA 1979’s dirty basslines and a tune begging to be disassembled by Paul Epworth, it’s the most worthy indie dancefloor filler of the year. ‘GR’ will leave you off your tits in a furious spittle-flecked fury on the shiny, two-tone floor, but there’s not a wanker in deely-boppers clutching a fag-strewn can of Stella in sight. And for that we’re grateful.