This Week’s Singles Reviewed

This Week's Singles Reviewed

Miles Kane, Birdy, Yacht

NME’s Alex Denney delivers his verdict on this week’s releases, featuring Miles Kane, Birdy, and Yacht

I Like Trains – ‘Sirens’

Picking through the New Yorkshire ruins like hollow-eyed madmen, these Leeds anoraks continue to find beauty among the rubble. Happily, British Sea Power’s grumpy younger brothers have found time to format their fuck-awful name properly in the process. ‘Sirens’ is grimly hypnotic, like the wind whistling through viaduct arches, or Lord Alan Sugar’s face.

Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi ft Norah Jones – ‘Season’s Trees’

Famously the ‘Rome’ album was five years in the making, but one listen to the lush strings and suave-as-all-hell basslines of ‘Season’s Trees’ will tell you it’s been worth every last nanosecond (you can make your own ‘wasn’t built in a day’ joke, thanks). Makes God’s seven-day construction of all heaven and earth look frankly piss-poor. And He had a rest on Sunday.

Miles Kane – ‘Inhaler’

With his three-piece suits and his Macca looks, Miles Kane might not be the most forward-thinking indie clothes horse on the block, but there’s no denying his rock instincts are sound. The rapier-sharp riffing here is pure early Arctics, but the electric whammies and lusty, cage-rattling vocal are all model’s own. Dust this boy down with a lint roller; Miles is back in his pinstripes and looking buff as ever. Whitwhoo!

Birdy – ‘Shelter’

T4’s Steve Jones once sang Fearne Cotton ‘Happy Birthday’. She dubbed it single of the week. It’s an honour Fearne also saw fit to bestow on Birdy’s cover of ‘Skinny Love’, a Top 20 hit earlier this year. But we mustn’t blame Birdy for this xx-covering follow-up, though, the equivalent of Sneezing YouTube Panda duetting with Ellie Goulding. That would be like kicking newborn puppies. BLAME COTTON.

The Joy Formidable – ‘A Heavy Abacus’

You know that bit at the student disco when you’ve danced to MIA and Pixies and a track comes on that’s OK, but so unimaginatively indie of stripe that your arms lose momentum and you mill about a bit, looking over at your dance partner to see if they fancy nipping to the bar for another quadruple whisky and coke? This sounds a bit like that.

Yacht – ‘Utopia’

YACHT are a band capable of doing perfectly good things, but unfortunately this isn’t one of them. In fact, with its rictus-grin bassline and prattling hi-hats ‘Utopia’ is one of the worst things off their new album ‘Shangri-La’, so lord knows what it’s doing representing the record in public. It’s like sending Barry Chuckle out as our earthly ambassador when the aliens arrive.

This article originally appeared in the July 9th issue of NME

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