Miles Kane – ‘You’re Gonna Get It’

Miles Kane - 'You're Gonna Get It'

Stomping new cut written with Paul Weller

Having lived through The Little Flames, The Rascals, The Last Shadow Puppets and a debut album (2011’s ‘Colour Of The Trap’) that won him a dedicated fanbase, Miles Kane finds himself at the age of 27 as something of a rock’n’roll statesman. Maybe it’s that his dedication to his craft seems more important to him than the many distractions of life on the road, or maybe it’s that he’s great friends with Paul Weller, but he’s always seemed set for big things – and the early signs are that second album ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are’ could be it. This latest stomping cut, ‘You’re Gonna Get It’, was written with the legend himself and the writing partnership has obviously been fruitful for the pair of them, in that it challenges Miles and gives Weller a chance to return to the directness of his youth. When the pair performed it together at this year’s NME Awards, it wasn’t just their matching haircuts and equally sharp suits that made the performance feel like the passing of a baton. Miles has the attitude and urgent sense of purpose down to a T. Will we see Kane follow Weller’s lead again with a Style Council-era short blond crop and some soulful deep house? Probably not. For now it sounds like he’s pretty happy with the jam he’s got himself into.

Kevin EG Perry, Assistant Editor, NME.COM