Muse: Starlight

Supermassive pop howl

So you’ve cornered the intergalactic stadium-prog market, proved you can bash out falsetto sex-funk hits at the drop of a hat and sold enough records to buy yourself a new jet-pack. Where can you possibly go from here? Well, if you’re Matt Bellamy, you decide to get really adventurous and go for the Keane fans. Oh sure, Muse might dress ‘Starlight’ up with all manner of crunching guitars and wibbly-wobbly synth arpeggios, but deep down this is a tune so chart-hungry it’s virtually dry-humping JK And Joel’s legs. Cascading major-chord piano, tender lyrics and a vocal line with a tendency to leap the diameter of Jupiter: it’s globe-straddling AOR for Muse this time, then, but at least its AOR dressed in a shiney space-suit and determined to visit the 17th dimension.