New Order: Waiting For The Siren’s Call

New Order: Waiting For The Siren's Call

The return of the giants

One hesitates to fire slingshots at giants, but this is… half-decent at best, a perfunctory doodle of Hooky bass and big, bright synth washes from a band who we love for their ecstatic-with-a-capital-E masterpieces. Like Echo & The Bunnymen recently, it seems unfair to knock them for unleashing a mid-level New Order single, but given that you’ve got the likes of Erasure and Bananarama releasing fabulous singles right now (sure, whatever, don’t believe us then) it’s difficult to greet this with much whoop and holler. Especially when its lyrics are a load of old nautical-metaphor toss. Sirens are so ’80s.