New Young Pony Club: Ice Cream

Nay horse jokes, it'll sell hundreds and thousands

“Let me give you what you’d like/I can make your mouth run dry” robo-smooches Tahita Bulmer like a space-age pleasure-droid licking on a scoop of Funky Spunky Ben & Jerry’s. “Drink me like a liqueur/Come and dip your dipper/Show me what you’re here for, guy”. And this after already making lewd suggestions about being “the sauce you crave” and a “chocolate-flavoured love theme/Treat that treats you so mean”. NYPC’s latest electronic delight has plunged us, chopped-nuts deep into Vienetta-based sexual innuendo, on a fast track to highly inappropriate references to chocolate fudge brownie.

Narrowly sidestepping the urge to describe ‘Ice Cream’ as new rave’s first chill-out tune (look, they started it!), we’re certainly on a more laid-back tip here than the jabbering-amphetamine-freaks-locked-in-an-air-raid-siren-factory ‘vibe’ we’ve come to expect from Klaxons or Shitdisco – or even from other NYPC tracks like the infinitely perkier ‘Descend’. The bass lopes casually along like a smack pimp cruising the bar at a Rapture gig; a couple of Franz Ferdinand’s guitars are having a drunken knife fight in the corner and the whole thing builds to a wonderfully hazy K-hole disco-frug, wherein Tahita strays from her Häagen-Dazs hedonism to become “sick like Sid & Nancy/Wicked as a joyride jaunt”. The sophisticated sex sirens of the New Glowstick Generation; let NYPC melt down your chin.