Sugababes Overload London


Overload (London)

[a]Sugababes[/a] are three 16-year-old (!)

London lasses, and this is their debut single: an irrepressible R&B/pop

crossover that bristles with class. What differentiates [a]Sugababes[/a] from the

current clutch of wannabe chart seductresses is not only the hauntingly

infectious quality of this tune – its looped beats and soulful vocals are quite

unlike anything else in recent memory – it’s the fact that they are no marketing

man’s fabrication, no Svengali-cultivated fashion show designed for sucking

pocket money from ten-year-olds in Woolworths.

Keisha Buchanan,
Mutya Buena and Siobhan Donaghy never went to stage school or

trained with Disney, and their talents stretch beyond their vocal chords – they

co-wrote ‘Overload’ with Cameron McVey (who has also fostered the

careers of Neneh Cherry and All Saints). In an era where shallow,

vacuous and downright silly music rules the airwaves, and corporate fatcats reap

the profits on all-singing, all-dancing trained monkeys (whom ambition has made

pliable and greed has rendered shameless), it’s not so much a relief as a

revelation to come across [a]Sugababes[/a] and a radio-friendly song that

actually has some emotional depth. Yeah, they’re in the same field as
Honeyz, Pink, Steps, Spice Girls et cetera ad

nauseum, but ‘Overload’ is a completely different ball game. Even better,

it’s no fluke – from what we’ve heard, there’s more on the way. So roll over,
All Saints, and give Pete Waterman the news.

April Long