Modern Animal

Modern Animal

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Modern Animal (Independiente)

At the start of 2000, a handful of young British men who played guitars and

wrote great songs were tipped for greatness. We know what happened to some of

them ([a]Coldplay[/a], [a]JJ72[/a]) while others are already missing in action

(are you listening, [a]Terris[/a]?). Some nine months on, Crashland are

only just beginning to feel comfortable with what they are capable of. Their live

set is now an explosion of wired, unbridled energy, and their forthcoming debut

album, ‘Glued’, should jolt a few people into realising how interesting

this band have become when no-one was watching.

‘Modern Animal’ is a

taste of that, although one that barely does their album justice. There’s nothing

complicated about it: guitars are brash, and domineering frontman Alex

Troup already sings like he’s scowling (“You don’t need

me, just like I don’t need you/We’re gonna make it alone”), and the whole

thing’s rattled through in three-and-a-half minutes. It’s Supergrass when

they were still Caught By The Fuzz, The Jam for the 21st century. But it’s

chiefly exciting less because of what’s here, but for what it promises. Just you


Siobhan Grogan