The Corrs Breathless(alantic)

The Corrs


How can this not be a massive hit? It’s got the incredibly beautiful Andrea basically begging you to get on with it and shag her ‘breathless’. Andrea does a fantastic yodel-type thing with her voice, just like [a]Cher[/a] did but without the aid of one of those machines that makes you sound like you’re on helium and you’ve got throat cancer all at the same time.

Despite all the success and adulation and depraved letters from furiously wanking psycho-eyed stalkers, The Corrs still haven’t forgotten their Celtic roots, boyo. Why, I’ll bet that there’s nothing they like more after a hard days international jet-setting with Bono and Sting and MC Hammer and Whitney and Maria and Lil’ Kim than sneaking off back to the farmhouse where they’ll throw a lump of still damp peat on the roaring fire, crack open a six-pack of delish ice-cold Guinness and then whack out the tin whistles and digeridoos for a seven-hour ‘jam’ version of ‘Paddy McGinty’s Goat’. Because that’s the kind of down-to-earth people they are.