Westlife : My Love

Westlife : My Love


Could it be another Number One? Take a wild guess.

Who’d have thought five great-looking boys with one of the most successful pop managers of the ’90s, endorsement from an internationally lusted-after pop role model, and the backing of one of the UK‘s biggest record labels could get this far?

Yet here stand (or, more often, sit. On stools) [a]Westlife[/a], on course for their millionth Number One in a row. The annoying thing, of course, is that ‘My Love’ is actually really good – in the sense that all [a]Westlife[/a]’s singles (except probably ‘Flying Without Wings’) have been quite good (ie if you accept it’s a ballad and unlikely to sound like Slipknot) – and sees the boys careering headfirst into ‘My Heart Will Go On’-style pipes and croonin’, with a subtle plug for new album ‘Coast To Coast’ (see if you can find it in the lyric [I]”… coast to coast…”[/I]) and a big key change at the end.

As with most [a]Westlife[/a] songs, there’s a bit where they can get off their butts and stand up (this is the dramatic bit)… Basically, it’s a [a]Westlife[/a] ballad and it’s very good. There is so little else to say.

Peter Robinson