Lazycame Yawn!(Guided Missile)


Yawn![I](Guided Missile)[/I]

In the guise of Lazycame, William Reid continues to vent his post-Mary Chain angst with prolific barminess. Here we have five tracks, which veer roughshod through confusion, bitterness and wayward brilliance, a nihilistic hipster with a mouth full of marbles as our guide. Opener ‘Drizzle’ is a largely unlistenable morass of inebriated muttering and out-of-tune clanging that gives way to the beautiful, sinuous fuzz of ‘K To Be Lost’ and ‘Who Killed Manchester?’ – two dizzy surf-rock sketches that sound as if they were knocked out after a night spent under a table. Then there’s the greased-up tumble of ‘Male Wife’ and the vitriolic slur of ‘Commercial’ (“McDonald’s are shit… Burger King’s hip…”) which would be perfectly at home in the Mary Chain catalogue. And, as if this weren’t enough compellingly purged, messy disquietude for one record, we are also granted a ‘hidden’ track that careers from ambient dub to melodic acoustic guitar to twitchy electronica to classical strings over a span of [I]45 minutes[/I]. It is, of course, completely insane. And easily the best thing William Reid has touched in years.

April Long