57th Dynasty : Ghetto Gold

57th Dynasty : Ghetto Gold


Britrap saviours from Brixton prepare to go overground...

In anticipation of a soon-come second album, Brixton’s 57th Dynasty step into the arena to erase, once and for all, any comparison with Staten Island’s Wu-Tang Clan. As far as celebrations of the do-it-yourself ethic go, ‘Ghetto Gold’ doubles as a raised middle digit to record companies who seem to have combined to squash British rap, so their overseas product had no competition.

Ironically, though, the verbal flow on the lead off track seems quite transatlantic, bar the odd dip into Jamaican patois, even if the symphonic and orchestral backing takes 57th Dynasty into an altogether different realm where giant steps are still being taken.

For its part, the harrowing ‘Hold Strong’ proposes a coming-of-age story, not that different from those in American projects, bar the excessive proliferation of guns. In other words, a shared diasporic history links and separates rappers from both sides of the pond.

Will the public take notice? On this evidence, it will soon be impossible not to.

Dele Fadele