Janet Jackson : All For You

Janet Jackson : All For You


Janet 'Janet' Jackson enjoys sex, but enjoys telling us about it more...

Janet is no name for a pop star. Janet is your best friend’s mum, the vicar’s wife, or a dinner lady at school with a kindly face. Janets do not sing songs about men having nice “packages” and how they are giving serious consideration to “riding” the contents of said package. If they did you can be damn sure it would be to the tune of ‘Wheels On The Bus’ and would be all about a smiling postie delivering a new bicycle.

Except this Janet is Janet Jackson and she likes sex. A lot. And she’s not getting enough. So this single is a clarion call to all men. “Come on men!” she’s saying, “Ask me out on a date – there’ll be sex!”

Janet maybe an iconic superstar. She may be beautiful. She may have mastered the art of making deliriously dreamy pop songs with the bat of her eyelashes. But she knows nothing about men. Now, if she’d thrown chips into the bargain perhaps her nights wouldn’t be so lonely.

Timothy Mark